Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Computech is a leading player in RPO, offering scalable and flexible solutions across a wide range of industries. We work as a seamless extension of your in-house hiring teams, and provide end-to-end talent acquisition solutions by finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the most suitable candidates within a faster turnaround time to meet your corporate hiring goals. We offer high quality and cost-effective talent acquisition solutions to refine and optimize your sourcing and recruiting strategies.

HR & Payroll Services

Computech has developed a global sourcing and delivery model including 24×7 customer service, human resources, and payroll to facilitate higher efficiency in hiring and managing temporary/contract resources. We provide dedicated teams, a single point of contact, and a mature back-office operation to service your needs. Computech is a truly dedicated supplier to fulfilling payrolling needs on a timely basis and within the budget. We believe that MSP programs are expanding rapidly and that is why we have chosen to embrace these programs as a full-time focus. Computech is one of just a few companies that exclusively provide temporary/contract labor services solely to Managed Service Programs/Vendor Managed Service customers by providing consistent pricing with highly qualified personnel. Computech being a minority certified company, our customers also realize the benefits of their diversity spend to meet their corporate budget goals dedicated to small and minority owned businesses.

Employee Help Desk

Computech provides our clients and candidates with an Employee Help Desk solution to help streamline all communication. Our staff utilizes a robust Incident Management solution to review and route tickets in a complex manner to best support our staff and clients.

Contract and Direct Hire Staffing

The Computech Recruiting Methodology has been developed over the years and is based on our strict internal quality guidelines and our customers’ requirements. We take an active role in all phases of our recruiting process because the resulting candidate becomes a member of the Computech team. We work hard to ensure all candidates we vet, and interview meet our standards for professionalism as well as the requirements given by our clients. When we add a candidate, they are a Computech Team Member and required to adhere to our Human Resource Policy for professionalism, attire, and conduct.

Artificial intelligence

We help businesses by applying AI and ML methods that are superior to the traditional business intelligence solutions.

Computech’s Artificial Intelligence systems have already seen success in several fields, including image and video processing. To that end, we employ a system known as a Generative Adversarial Network, or GAN. GANs pit one AI against another, using the results of their competition to quickly develop winning strategies for the problems they have been assigned. In the case of images and videos, this technology allows us to convincingly replace missing frames or generate totally new, realistic images based on the patterns studied.

Business analytics

We make your business intelligent.

When considering your data analytics service options, Computech Data Analytics and Business Intelligence services can provide a wide array of solutions to meet your needs. Computech provides data analysis and reporting services that will enhance your business effectiveness by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and constructing the information in ways that improve the efficiency of your organization. Simply put, we make your business intelligent!

Digital transformation

Embrace transformative technologies to create an agile, efficient, innovative, and customer-centric enterprise.

With 25+ years of technology expertise, we serve our customers from strategic roadmaps to implementation and support. We align business and technology to embed speed, flexibility, and efficiency to realize improved ROI.

SaaS Implementation

Redefine your business models and enable peak performance, high availability, and robust security.

SaaS is not just a disruptive technology or service but a fundamental shift in creating a better business model. As a result, the ERP market’s appetite for SaaS-based cloud solutions is on the rise. This is a boon to the companies which are competing at an unprecedented pace to stay ahead of their peers. COMPUTECH offers SaaS based ERP services to manufacturing companies fulfilling their specific transformation needs. Our comprehensive approach has helped customers redefine their business models and reap the benefits of SaaS ERP.


Computech is driving innovation and helping clients deliver successful RPA implementations, automating several processes. With this experience and our committed dedication, we have established a structured approach to building RPA solutions. Our approach helps numerous industries define an RPA roadmap, select appropriate tools, create a pilot, set an operating model, perform governance, set up the right team and test the solution before launch.

System Integration Services

At Computech, we take care of your data, and our Integration Services (IntServ) support guarantees quality service. Our data transformation and integration services help you solve complex business problems that ensure integrity. We are experienced with a rich set of built-in tasks and tools that assure that your application data is processed and delivered. As a Microsoft Partner, our team possesses the expertise your network needs.