Helping lenders process and service loans accurately, cost-effectively, and speedily with proven expertise.

Mortgage lenders of all types and sizes have one thing in common. They want to grow revenue and maximize profitability, while reducing operational costs and lowering risk to their organizations. Many mortgage companies are good at finding new business opportunities, but they often fall short on meeting their cost reduction and operational efficiency objectives.

At COMPUTECH, we have deep expertise in helping mortgage lenders process and service loans quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Our professional and cost-effective teaming enables mortgage lenders to focus their valuable time and energies on finding and growing their businesses instead of getting bogged down with critical but mundane tasks that must be performed as per their unique requirements.

Regardless of your internal workflows and level of automation, our high-quality and dedicated mortgage support experts will help overcome operational bottlenecks and facilitate revenue growth as your trusted team. You can count on our cost-effective and professional teaming whether you need operational assistance with a single task or a group of tasks in a mortgage loan processing lifecycle.

Mortgage services from Computech

Loan Origination Services

Services customized to overcome your challenges in loan boarding, pre-underwriting, underwriting, loan funding and post-closing tasks.

Competition in the mortgage lending industry has intensified over the years; margins are under pressure; and consumers are expecting much faster turnarounds on their loan applications without any undue inconvenience or last-minute surprises.

Operational excellence and differentiation start with loan origination. As such, successful lenders ensure that all loan applications follow a smooth and predictable path, where needed loan documents are received, indexed, and processed quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Equally important is the ability to identify and rectify issues in loan processing documents without any delays.

Loan Servicing

Dedicated mortgage support experts for cost-effective and flexible loan servicing.

Many lenders and financial institutions no longer consider mortgage loan servicing as a core business due to lower margins, greater administrative burden, complex regulatory requirements, and financial penalties for non-compliance. However, transferring all loan servicing functions to a third party is not viable as it can mean losing important touch with customers and investors.

Leveraging its deep mortgage support expertise, COMPUTECH provides cost-effective and flexible loan servicing offerings that are customized to seamlessly fit into clients’ mortgage operations. Our seasoned and dedicated mortgage support experts ensure that all our deliverables meet and exceed stringent quality standards, regulatory requirements, and aggressive deadlines for completion.