A cost-effective solution for reporting a company’s diversity spending.

DiversityTraX is a platform of solutions provided to Corporations with Diversity Reporting Programs and goals.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide a cost-effective solution that exceeds our client’s expectations.  Start seeing meaningful growth today utilizing DiversityTraX! diversitytrax.com

Digitization Services

People, process, and model, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle.

Digitization can extend the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed up the development of new products and services. At the same time, the excessively rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt traditional business models. Organizations need to carefully evaluate the path towards digital transformation with a concrete strategy to harness its strengths and mitigate its challenges.

Finance and Administration Services

We offer several packaged (off-the-shelf) products that can be combined with our consulting and integration services to improve your edge in the market and to reduce your delivery time.

Computech Financial Services (CFS) provides Information Technology, back–Office, Mid-Office and Fund Administration services that give our clients a strong competitive edge. We have a strong track record of providing our clients with expertise and resources for the development, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of enterprise financial systems.

Customer Experience Services

For over 10+ years, Computech has been delivering live customer engagements to top companies over wide ranging live chat platforms.

Today, contact center executives are seriously challenged to continuously improve service levels and increase brand loyalty on shrinking budgets. Customers are continuously pushing the boundaries on acceptable service levels thereby putting greater constraints on contact centers to manage their costs without lowering quality standards.

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud prevention associates as a service, that functions as a seamless extension of your internal team regardless of your tools, systems, and processes.

How much money do you expect to lose this year to online fraudulent transactions and chargeback claims? It is unfortunate that many organizations have accepted avoidable financial losses as a harsh reality of doing business. Good news! It does not have to be that way!

Certifications & Accreditation

Service Delivery

Data Security

Business Continuity

Information Security

Cyber Security

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