The Challenge

Customer had sophisticated processes, tools and staff to develop large, complex solutions. Capability to deliver small solutions had not been developed.

The Approach

  • Developed an inventory of all unsupported application
  • Prioritized which applications to re-develop using standard processes and current technology
  • Provided scope management for every project
  • Project Management to facilitate and support small, quick development solutions
  • Complete application lifecycle management (ALM) for project applications
  • Defined and published development architecture
  • Designed and developed the common security module for the entire project
  • Deployed integrated team to analyze existing applications and convert to common core
    re-usable components.


  • Increased ROI by over 250% by eliminating manual effort
  • Re-use of common modules
  • Improved quality and visibility within various groups
  • On-track to meet 10% under budget
  • External design lead-time decreased by 90%
  • Automation of Build and deployment to reduce the human error in release management
  • Automation of daily/periodic health checkup (Smoke Test) of all applications.
  • Increased customers’ capability to provide small business solutions