The Challenge

Client is a global asset management firm specializing in alternative investment strategies. Collecting historical as well as real time data from more than 20 departments, all of which is presented in different formats and template and preparing reports for each department in their respective templates. Preparing consensus estimates and peer analysis report templates that can be used effectively for preparing those reports. Building template for financial data and key data point report from scratch

The Approach

  • For budget reports, prepared a template in co-ordination with the client on historical data where past performances could be compared with current year’s performance (Actual v Budget)
  • For consensus and peer analysis reports, maintained back-up data received from respective peer group on a quarterly basis
  • In key data point report, for each category of actual data reported, created separate files for each quarter where the data is retrieved on a quarterly basis


  • Round the clock availability of the resources
  • Considerable improvement in turnaround time of activities by almost 40%
  • Faster preparation of important activities (earnings and budgets reports)
  • Enhanced business assistance