Large Energy Corporation Payroll Service

The Challenge

Coming up with a cost efficient price for the client including screening, holiday, PTO, etc. For example: one of the world’s leading chemical energy companies, started off by transitioning 190 alumni employees and later added an addition 300+.

Goals Achieved

  • Computech’s culture is deeply rooted in the realization that we all ultimately report to our clients. Our corporate values of trust, responsiveness, cost effectiveness, quality, discipline, specialization and innovation have collectively enabled our group to grow year after year.
  • We engage each of our clients with the attitude and belief that it is our responsibly to ensure both the success of our services and our client’s comfort with these services.
  • We believe that mutual values and common understanding facilitate the ultimate goal of a successful business relationship.
  • Computech took the opportunity to join hands with a large energy corporation to make this initiative a complete success at every level.


  • Computech successfully transitioned 190 employees to our payroll in December 2016.
  • We traveled to 3 locations to assure the on-boarding process went smoothly.
  • We successfully completed the on-boarding and relocation process for over 300 summer interns in April 2017.
  • Our business continues to grow with Energy Corporation.