The Challenge

The licensed end users, ‘Nurse Practitioners / Clinicians’, have a regulatory requirement to fill out certain forms while they visit and provide services to patients at their homes and other facilities. ‘Agency Manager’ is a web application and it requires Internet connectivity for the application to be functional. There are certain locations and remote areas visited by ‘Nurse practitioners / clinicians’ that do not provide internet connectivity

Goals Achieved

  • Build a network aware mobile application that’s compatible with iOS and Android tablets. This is to aid the ‘Nurse Practitioners / Clinicians’ in capturing the required regulatory patient data when there is no internet connectivity (Offline mode) and later sync the data to the central data repository
  • Analyzed, reviewed and finalized the appropriate technology components to develop home healthcare mobile application
  • Designed and developed the ‘Physical Therapy (PT) form interface for mobile tablets- iOS and Android, with the following features:
    • Integrate the form with PDF preview functionality
    • Encrypt the form values and store in the local mobile database


  • More than 5,000 clinicians / nurse practitioners using this application
  • Seamless exchange of information
  • Improved patient care with the effectiveness of error-free and timely information sink
  • Regulatory compliance doubles the number of patient referrals with the help of prompt services and effortless practice