Online Airline Ticket Re-seller Custom Application


To increase their sales and to provide instant & better customer support he was looking at an ideal technology solution partner capable of developing a new interface for the online ticket reservation system that would provide enhanced and easy interface.

Goals Achieved

  • Development of Java based interface with Amadeus GDS for airlines ticketing
  • Integration with third party hotels and car rental systems maintenance
  • Customer Support and Relationship Management
  • Voice,E-mail,Live chat and Content Management
  • Quality control
  • Chargeback and Returns Management and Accounting


  • Almost 95% of critical processes managed through low cost offshore delivery team
  • Operations and service cost reduced by over 40%
  • Savings of over $ 3mil/year
  • Core processes (ticketing) managed by industry certified agents (IATA)
  • Tightly integrated development and support mechanism for faster and proactive issue handling
  • Faster processing of customer request because all processes are managed under one roof