The Challenge

  • Signing off with 100% accuracy as we have multiple end users who use our data for their respective reporting, which includes risk metrics reporting for use by investment team
  • Liaising with various teams like portfolio management, accounting, IT, and marketing and client services needs co-ordination
  • Dealing with the portfolio managers is usually a challenge as they come with adhoc requests

The Approach

  • In-house certified staff to help in portfolio reconciliation, research, analysis, and reporting
  • High quality, cost-effective, knowledge on principles of portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Providing funds’ performance and client reports on all investments of various market strategies
  • Created standard suite of report to pro-actively address most client needs
  • Attend Portfolio Management investment meetings to remain current on the portfolio strategy, portfolio investments and to stay abreast of changes or transactions that may affect our ability to deliver timely, accurate reports to the constituents
  • Managed a “disclosure standard setting” process for each strategy to define the information sharing standards that will govern reporting and communication with clients, and trained client-facing personnel concerning such standards Work with the Portfolio
    Management, Accounting, Legal, Compliance, Valuation, Marketing and IT departments to determine appropriate, two-way service level agreements (SLAs)


  • Helped portfolio managers in taking the decisions
  • Compliance teams have greater information on various portfolio reviews
  • Helped accounting team on their fund reconciliation and reporting
  • Contribute to Client’s excellence in investing and communication with investors