The Challenge

  • Processing of agent notices pertaining to bank debt instrument that are thousands in volume during month ends and quarter ends
  • Matching of Investment entity holdings with custodian accounts
  • Investigating, tracking and processing of mandatory and voluntary corporate action events
  • Updating the government yields in internal systems to kick start daily activities within downstream systems

The Approach

  • Execution of key reports to assist in matching internal and external holdings
  • Preparation of tracking forms for issuer holdings for all mandatory and voluntary events for back office and custodians to make postings in holdings systems
  • Support process for logging, tracking and approving agent notices into a common repository
  • Setting up contracts in portfolio management systems based out of trade tickets
  • Understand transactions out of agent notices and make postings to portfolio management systems
  • Placed control checks in place to ensure that the transactions posted are accurate
  • Identifying and processing contract splits, drawdowns, paydowns, payment in kind transactions
  • Liaison with various stakeholders for discrepancy resolution


  • Centralized hub across geographies for smooth transition of information
  • Streamlined business processes globally
  • Faster financial closure every month
  • Better business support and business intelligence to drive key business decisions