The Challenge

  • Lack of resources and skills in the valuation of private investments is a significant obstacle
  • Investments at fair value and unrealized gains/losses being inaccurate, may result in a financial misstatement
  • Ensuring compliance to internal audits and other SOX requirements

The Approach

  • Our valuation experts provided detailed quarterly research and analysis of existing and prospective investments, creating performance snapshots and gather relevant data of the industry and competitors
  • Provided financial modeling techniques and valuation methods to assess and provide accurate valuation
  • Quarterly update and review of valuation models by collecting most recent financials of the portfolio companies thus monitoring the quarterly P&L
  • Updated corporate presentations of our investment’s performance and trends
  • Ensuring cost-effective and sustainable compliance strategy by automating, regular evaluation and adjustments, managing controls and leverage the tools available
  • Ensure consistent application of valuation metrics over the course of investment life and across all fund investments
  • Balance many projects and apply the appropriate methodologies to value investments of various property types (Office, Hotel, Land, Industrial and Residential)


  • Onshore and offshore structure facilitated a speedy response and enabled review mechanism
  • Provided more insights on the portfolio companies including valuation and methodology
  • Helped auditors authenticate the valuation, and valuation process which highlighted valuation risks involved
  • Provided a rationale for current valuation, ensuring accurate P&L for the funds
  • Ensures best practices with respect to policies, procedures and controls from time to time